Current Projects


Get ready to be amazed by “Nobility,” an out-of-the-box new dramedy from Cowboy Errant Pictures set 700 years in the future, to life.  

Described as “Firefly” meets “The Office,” “Nobility” is a clever balance between comedy and drama that utilizes clever comedic scenarios to open the door to an audience’s heart. Just like shows such as “Back to the Future,” “Buffy,” and “Doctor Who”, they succeed on every level. The core of “Nobility” is about fulfilling potential via the crazy actions of its eccentric crew.

“Nobility” has an incredible cast composed of sci-fi legends from Walter Koenig (“Star Trek: TOS”, “Babylon 5′′) to Doug Jones (“Hellboy” series, “Falling Skies”) and Adrienne Wilkinson (“Xena”, “Star Wars: Clone Wars”). This is in addition to an all-star cast including Cas Anvar (“Assassin’s Creed,” “Diana,” “Star Wars: Clone Wars”), James Kyson (“Heroes”), Emmy-winner Michael Reaves (“Batman,” “Star Trek,” “Star Wars”).

In each episode, the audience is privileged to peek into the lives of the ship’s crew as they struggle to navigate the complex universe of political maneuvering betrayal danger and intrigue as well as cope with the demons of their broken lives. “Nobility” does, in fact, fulfill the void left by long gone beloved sci-fi series such as “Star Trek” and “Firefly.”

Garrison 7:

E.J. is proud to be cast as a regular character in the brand new Science Fiction franchise, Garrison 7. This project is proof that when you dream big, anything is possible. Underdog filmmakers Scott and Danielle Brewer, along with their committed team of high-end cast, crew, and fans, are coming together to reinvent independent feature making and deliver what the fans crave. Dubbed “Game of Thrones in Space”, Garrison 7 promises to be a high powered Space Opera full of action and political intrigue!


Starship is the AWARD WINNING Space Opera dealing with difficult issues such the role of gender in society, rebelling against oppressive governments, and the need to sacrifice it all for what you believe is right. Written, Produced, and Directed by veteran film maker Neil Johnson (Humanity’s End, Battlespace) Starship promises to be an action packed adventure with twists and turns that nobody expects. Featuring E.J. De la Pena as one of the Elite Crew of Starship One and starring actors such as Claudia Wells (“Back to the Future”) and Marylin Ghigliotti (“Clerks”) this journey holds possibilities beyond imagination.